A Meter Power Quality Analyzer measures comprehensive real time monitoring, recording and analyses of 3 phase power systems, including:

  1. This tool is great to decipher what power is being pulled over a length of time.
  2. It can advise the user on exact times of peak draws and dips.
  3. It can be used as an excellent tool to assess if there is dirty power coming from a main source. I.e.; we used it to get a credit from a large shopping centre when a spike from the main transformer was causing hundreds of LED’s to blow in our clients shop. The diagnostics meter assessed the problem, it was recorded and presented to the managing agents of the centre.
  4. True RMS Voltage.
  5. True RMS Current.
  6. Power (Watt, VAr and VA).
  7. Energy.
  8. Power Oscilloscope for displaying wave forms and for stored wave form analysis.
  9. Harmonics analysis up to the 63rd harmonic.
  10. Statistical analysis.
  11. Anomalies.
  12. Great for recording spikes, dips and irregular metering from metro electricity departments.
  13. Minimum, average and maximum value calculations for the recorded quantities can be displayed in an Excel spread sheet with graphs.

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